Thursday, August 10, 2017

Special Medical Charts – For Better Understanding

Value added services are customized medicolegal reports provided as an add-on service. Tailor made reports are generated after a detailed analysis of the case. It can be a single report, diagrammatic representation or power point presentation that can aid in better understanding of the case. It helps in understanding the mountainous mass of medical records in a single report. All the significant key points will be included in the special report for ease of understanding the case.

Below are the different types of special /customized medical reports:
·         Graphical Timeline
·         Diagrammatic representations
·         Info graphics
·         Bar Charts
·         Line Graphs
·         Calendar Timeline

Graphical Timeline: Timeline of medical events presented graphically in a single report for ease of reference. Accident events, medical malpractice events, treatment course can be included in timeline.

Diagrammatic representations: The events will be represented in schematic diagrams and flowchart for better understanding. Accident diagram, procedures, fall cases can be depicted diagrammatically.

Info graphics: Informative pictorial representations for medical procedures and diagnosis

Bar Charts/Line diagrams: Abnormal vitals and lab values significant for case focus will be presented in bar charts and line diagrams to aid in quick reference.

Prior and post lifestyle Calendar: The date of accident with prior and post lifestyle will be included in a calendar timeline. Lifestyle impact post-accident will be depicted in the calendar

These special medical charts help in understanding the case details from a single page report. The special reports are designed with all the significant details of the event and damages sustained by the patient. Diagrammatic representation of accident scene and summary of injuries play a vital role in proving the negligence and winning the case.

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